Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1st - Joy School!

Joy School! Nov 1st

Autumn Leaves

Leaf cutout with stickers, crayon, and then paint (they decided they liked to paint more than color with crayons) all on a straw with yellow streamers.

Harvest Moon
Made with a coffee filter, dipped in red and yellow food coloring + a little water (not too much water), then painted on a little bit, and mounted on card stock.

4 trees
Winter tree - glue and white glitter, blue and purple stickers (ice colors)
Spring tree - pink and red flowers
Summer tree - green leaves
Fall tree - yellow and orange leaves

give them a bunch of stickers, and then make them sort out all the colors, and put the right colors on the right seasons. Hang with yarn, use cloths pin on side to mark which season it is.

What makes the seasons?
Take turns being either the sun (draped in yellow blanket holding flashlight) or the earth. The earth child's face points in the direction of the tilt of the earth.

- earth child faces sun (earth tilts towards sun)
- hot sun is shining right in your face!!! it's hot!!!

Walk a quarter way around, sun shines on their side
not quite as hot as summer - cooling down!

earth child faces away from sun - looks out onto the dark blackboard
it's cold without the sun!

Sun is shining on side again
the snow is melting, starting to get warmer out!

then return to summer position

Food for the birds
pine cone, peanut butter (check for allergies) and bird seed with yarn to hang it up with.

Some animals sleep during the winter season. we watched you-tubes of hibernating animals, and then went and made little dens out of blankets. This is Autumn hibernating on top of her blanket den after joy school was over.