Saturday, August 2, 2008

May Center

End of the May Center summer kids classes. Today they had a firetruck/firemen spraying the kids down with a fire hose. The firemen also brought a bunch of little beach balls and shaving cream. They covered poor little Autumn in shaving cream, the little kiddie pools half full of it too. Two big inflatable slides, James went down even though the slides were made for bigger kids, the slide sent him flying into the air.

Our 10 year anniversary coming up! From a suggestion on I put together 10 presents for him, one a day for the 10 days leading up to Aug 8th.

Wed – Love you for being smart – physics book
Thursday – Love you for working / providing / budgeting etc. – white work shirt
Friday – Love you for not watching sports / movie nights etc… - movie “Over the hedge”
Saturday – Love you for being a handy man – tool
the rest I will post later...