Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Nov 1st

Went KW yardsaleing this morning, got a bunch of little dishes/food to go along with a kitchen play set I got on Thursday. Heather went shopping with Doug, then we did a bunch of yard work. Heather has been wanting to jump in the leaves for awhile now, so piled them all up in the front yard and let them have at it. I was not able to get a picture of Autumn throwing the leaves, I got a couple good picts of James running around in his PJ’s though!

Doug is working on the guest room, still working on electricity stuff, feeding lines in through the walls from the attic. We got paint today, white for the ceiling, and a sage green for the walls. I can’t wait until it is all done!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween stuff!

Oct 28th Joy school Halloween party

Oct 29th Church carnival

We went to the annual church carnival. There were some pretty good outfits there. I think this year people brought to much candy to donate to it, so some of the teenagers were assigned to take candy around the halls and just hand it out. Daxon came running up, his pillow case half full, eyes big, apparently a teenager had just dumped an entire bowl of candy into his sack. Always a little strange to see the church transformed for Halloween. It was fun. Good thing Heather had a half day of school the next day, they went to bed tired.

Oct 30th Went to the park with Mary, and Crystal. Really nice weather out. Heather was supposed to wear funny socks to school, let her wear my old black and white striped ones. Got her some converse to go with her cheetah outfit. She said everyone said she had the “coolest” socks that day. Went out and did early voting, took 30 minutes. Lots of people there.

Oct 31st Happy Halloween!
Heather had another half day at school. They were able to wear their outfits to school. Ordered pizza, and then got the costumes on one more time for trick or treating. We have gotten a lot of wear out fo the costumes this year between joy school, and regular school, church carnival, and finally trick or treating. A few of the houses were all decorated with spider webs and ghouls etc. Autumn did not seem to mind, she was able to let them put the candy into her pumpkin instead of directly into her mouth which was good. They ended up with quite a lot of candy!

Mon Oct 27th Carving Pumpkins

For Family Home Evening, we put on Danny Elfman music, and carved pumpkins. Heather was careful to save all of her seeds. James drew quite a face on his for Doug to cut out. It took a little time for Autumn to get into the whole thing, but then she got into it and enjoyed it. She took the guts out, then put them back in, then back out, then back in again. We took them outside, and lit them up to see what they would look like. I think they turned out cute.

Saturday Oct 25th Wings over Houston Air Show!

We have wanted to go to this ever sense we moved here, this was the first year we have been able to make it. It was fun, they had a lot of displays for the kids to look at on the ground, and shows from 10:00 until about 4:00 – it was a long day, poor little Autumn did not make it through the whole thing. They had army planes, stunt planes, old planes, new planes, big ones, and small ones. They had a WW2 reenactment with bombs / fireworks etc going off. Let the kids each pick out a toy plane to take home. They all picked out “good guy” US planes. James was adamant that I call them the right names, not an “airplane” a “jet” etc. It was fun, although Doug got a headache the next day after looking at the sky for 6 hours straight. The weather is finally starting to cool off a bit so we can go outside.