Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Fest, Flying squirrel, & Modern Art

Happy Halloween!

James was a ninja, Heather a witch, and Autumn a pink moon princess. Autumn was really enthusiastic with yelling "TRICK - OR - TREAT" at the houses this year. We went to three really scary houses, and all the kids were brave.

Candy Candy Candy!

Halloween Dinner - a pumpkin!
It's a squash - we cut it in half, stuffed it with meat/rice/cheese/sauce, and baked it in the oven.

The filling was good, the pumpkin was a little bitter, but palpable if you ate it with the sauce - a bit like a spaghetti squash in texture. I served it to look like little candy corns.

Autumn's Modern Art!
This one was made by putting it in a box, and then shaking/rolling balls around in the box through two big puddles of paint.

This one used cotton on top of paint - you peel the cotton off after the paint is dry, and it leaves some cool cotton texture in it.

FHE Pumpkin Carving!
It's a week before Halloween, so it will be all moldy and yucky and extra scary for Halloween next week.

This year I really want to try cooking up one of the pumpkins. It's a squash, and you can make more with it than just pumpkin pie - perhaps stuffing one with meat and veggies, and cooking it in the oven? we'll see.

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let is Rain!

We got a little rainstorm on Thursday, it's still pretty dry, this was a wonderful sight to see.

BBE Fall Fest
It was really cold out, but the kids had fun anyways.

Autumn vs. James

James - such a little gentleman to let his little sister win!Heather vs. Kentrel - look at her face! This was a serious battle.

Heather vs. James

Displaced Critters
Poor Princess got bit on the nose by something (see the side of her mouth is all swollen up). They cut down a bunch of dead trees in the greeneblt (we're losing about 20% of our trees because of the drought) all the little critters from the dead trees that got cut down are coming over into the yard...
Pooor Princess :(

Piles of cut up trees behind the house :(Another poor little displaced animal - a flying squirrel! I didn't even know we had these back there, very cute - huge black eyes.

We carried him back out to the trees, away from our evil cat (who was lurking below).

autumn has been helping me in the kitchen - so has James!