Friday, November 28, 2008


Rainforest Cafe and the Beach.

The cousins are here!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday Nov 25th
Took Laura and James this morning in the bike trailer – still in PJ’s wrapped up in the sleeping bag. It was cold out! Diana got to ride in the bike trailer to pick Heather up after school (she was still asleep when we left in the morning). Heather's Thanksgiving meal at school - Doug stayed at home with Kent, so I got to go by myself. It was nice to do something with just Heather. They made cute little Thanksgiving T-shirts, and had a little video of all the kids saying what they were thankful for. Heather said she was thankful for friends. The girls were all thankful for God, for family, for brothers and sisters, mom and dads. A good portion of the boys were thankful for food, and video games. Difference between boys and girls I guess!

I packed a picnic lunch for everyone else, we went for a greenbelt walk and fed the Nutria from old pancakes. There was a cop standing on the bridge, but he let us feed them. Then we walked all the way up to the park by the church. It was really a nice day out.

Chaco with his haircut, howling the whole way. Luckily our new neighbors also have dogs – two little chiwowows who also bark. Hopefully Chaco will not bother them too much.