Tuesday, March 22, 2011

James' kindergarten Zoo fieldtrip! March 22, 2011

This snake came right up to the glass, and was talking with the kids!

baby elephant!

we couldn't find the mountain lion at first, then we found it way up high checking out the kids (is that a wire net???) then this crazy bird came and got the m. lion's attention - the bird jumped around on the net for a bit, and then came inside the cage - the mountain lion jumped down from her perch, and made little kitty bird charming sounds to try and get it - quite a show!

Autumn trying on an African mask.

part of the new African exhibits - a Rhino!

the baby giraffe - this one was 6 feet tall when born!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break March 2011

Early Easter Picts! Nammy and Granny got the kids all outfits, and flowers are at full peak over here - the below picts are in our neighbor's yard, they are retired, and have a botanical garden going on over there!

The below are flowers in our yard!

~Spring break at the beach~

The little blue things are jelly fish - they came in incredible colors, and were washing up all over the beach - they must not have been the kind that sting though.

Autumn spent quite a lot of time running back and forth with the waves.

Nammy went for a run on the beach

Lots of shells!

baby jelly fish (I think?)

~Springtime at Lake Livingston~

An old-fashioned slide, I got lots of picts, they don't make slides like this anymore,
the kids had a blast on it.

Making crafts out of recycled stuff.

Junior master naturalists at work!

A walk in the dark

infra-red photography

the camera just could not capture this sunset, guess you had to be there.

~ The full moon was magnificent ~

Are you sitting in the water? ~ "Yes" (not in the schedule, but that's ok)

~ fresh water shells ~

~ when in Rome ~

~ eroding lake shore with filled with washed up treasures ~

~ these were the only flowers she picked, we left the rest to go to seed ~


~ sisters ~