Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fire Museum

Trip to fire museum with Greg and Katie.

Splash town

There were two big water slides there. Nammy finally talked James into going down one. At the bottom she asked
“Did you have fun? Do you want to go again?”
James said it was scary, and he did not want to go again.
Nammy replied “Well, you were very brave to go down it once”
to which James said “No, if I were brave, I would have gone down it twice.”
Have to give him credit for being honest ;).

Tiny Town

the all favorite windmill

the windmill was the favorite because of the cool cave/dungeon underneath :)

I can only imagine how hot it was for all the kids crammed into this little caboose!

well-fed mole - he had quite a crowd feeding him. Finally, when he could not cram in another bite, he went back into the hole, and closed up the entrance with dirt.

skip, skip, skip to my lou

ice cream is always good after a hot day. ymmmmm.

here birdy birdy birdy.... here birdy birdy.... I don't think they can hear you honey :(

Seems like a noisy place for a nest... to each their own I guess. Things endured for junk food. Is hearing loss really worth getting first dibs on the spilled french fries? You wouldn't think such a sweet little bird would be so stubborn and selfish would you? LOL!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Colorado trip

Poor little worms...

gone fishin


our campsite

Hike to grove of 1,000 year old trees. I love old trees!

A little hike - Autumn can fall asleep in the funniest places ;).

Checking out Nammy and Grampa' Moose's new property - it has quite a view!