Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trunk - or- treat!

It was a drizzly night, but that did not stop the die-hards! Candy is flowing plentifully at the Turner house ;). There was another little boy with the same outfit as James, they had a lightsaber battle during the costume parade.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joy School Halloween Party!

What a mess!!!! we had fun though. We learned about spiders. After watching a youtube where a spider caught a fly, wrapped, and then ate it - we tried to wrap each other - in TP. The spider made it look easy, it's actually pretty hard (although I think spiderweb is stronger than TP, so that prob made it easier for the spider). We also tossed fake spiders into the pumpkins - to see how hard it was to catch a bug.

Almost finished crafts:

Pumpkins they painted

This was a really fun one. We mixed dish soap in with paint/die, made bubbles by blowing into the paint with straws, and then pushed the paper onto the bubbles. You can see where the bubbles where on the paper, very fun, made really neat designs! Then glued the papers into little spiders.

Saying hello to the gerbils.

Cooking time! We made spiders out of a cinamon roll, pretzels, and chocolate chip eyes. We also made mummies in a blanket! mmmm.

Bowling with a pumpkin!

Dress up in old costumes from years gone by:

Painting pumpkins. They were little chinese carry-out boxes, painted orange, then black eyes/nose/mouth added... little green twisty on the top, and roasted pumpkin seeds inside.

Oct 27th 09

Painting Pumpkins:

Carving Pumpkin

carving pumpkins!

FHE Oct 26th 2009