Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Fest, Flying squirrel, & Modern Art

Happy Halloween!

James was a ninja, Heather a witch, and Autumn a pink moon princess. Autumn was really enthusiastic with yelling "TRICK - OR - TREAT" at the houses this year. We went to three really scary houses, and all the kids were brave.

Candy Candy Candy!

Halloween Dinner - a pumpkin!
It's a squash - we cut it in half, stuffed it with meat/rice/cheese/sauce, and baked it in the oven.

The filling was good, the pumpkin was a little bitter, but palpable if you ate it with the sauce - a bit like a spaghetti squash in texture. I served it to look like little candy corns.

Autumn's Modern Art!
This one was made by putting it in a box, and then shaking/rolling balls around in the box through two big puddles of paint.

This one used cotton on top of paint - you peel the cotton off after the paint is dry, and it leaves some cool cotton texture in it.

FHE Pumpkin Carving!
It's a week before Halloween, so it will be all moldy and yucky and extra scary for Halloween next week.

This year I really want to try cooking up one of the pumpkins. It's a squash, and you can make more with it than just pumpkin pie - perhaps stuffing one with meat and veggies, and cooking it in the oven? we'll see.

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let is Rain!

We got a little rainstorm on Thursday, it's still pretty dry, this was a wonderful sight to see.

BBE Fall Fest
It was really cold out, but the kids had fun anyways.

Autumn vs. James

James - such a little gentleman to let his little sister win!Heather vs. Kentrel - look at her face! This was a serious battle.

Heather vs. James

Displaced Critters
Poor Princess got bit on the nose by something (see the side of her mouth is all swollen up). They cut down a bunch of dead trees in the greeneblt (we're losing about 20% of our trees because of the drought) all the little critters from the dead trees that got cut down are coming over into the yard...
Pooor Princess :(

Piles of cut up trees behind the house :(Another poor little displaced animal - a flying squirrel! I didn't even know we had these back there, very cute - huge black eyes.

We carried him back out to the trees, away from our evil cat (who was lurking below).

autumn has been helping me in the kitchen - so has James!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party and Pumpkins

Old McDonald's Farm! JoySchool field trip.

Picking out pumpkins is serious business, cute to hear them discussing the pro's and cons of each pumpkin - have to get just the right one!

Halloween Party! We had arts/crafts (pumpkin painting, Marque Masks, trick-or-treat bag painting, monster manicure, face painting etc. etc.) We had a muumy wrap outside, followed by a game of freeze tag, and sardines. Movies upstairs and downstairs, made Carmel apples, and stayed up late telling ghost stories. It was fun!

TP snow! We did this outside this year, it really does get a lot of TP dust in the air!

Breakfast the morning after