Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May9 - June 10

Tuesday June 10, 2008
I feel bad I have not written in a while. Exciting things in the last month. Heather finished kindergarten. They had a cute little graduation ceremony. It is nice to have her at home with us again. On the way home, James almost stepped on a big copper-head rattle snake on the greenbelt by the bridge on the way to Heather’s school. Heather learned to ride her bike with two wheels, and lost two teeth. She put her tooth in a sealed envelope under her pillow, and somehow, overnight, the tooth disappeared and the coins appeared in the envelope – without the seal being broken! We took Heather’s bunkbed apart and made it into two twin beds. Heather does not like to sleep on the top bunk – she is afraid that a fire will come, and she will get stuck up there. So now, they are both on the ground, and Autumn is in a big bed. Autumn was pretty excited about this, jumping around. James felt bad that he did not have anyone in his room to sleep with though. James is really getting into dinosaurs. His favorite one is the tyrannosaurus rex. He does a very good impression of one, making his fingers into two claws, with all the right sounds. We went to the museum to see the dinosaur bones for him, Autumn was scared of the dinosaurs. We went upstairs and saw the rocks – the vault with fancy jewelry, sea shells, and the animal dioramas – Heather’s favorite, where they played the zebra/lion chasing game. We started classes at the May center – lots of kids there! Today was on rockets, a short presentation followed by making your own paper rocket and using compressed air outside to shoot it off. We have been swimming in the pool, had a one day flue. Doug took out a big picture window in the guest room and replaced it with patio doors, we still need to make a patio outside for it though. This summer we are going to work on swimming, reading – Heather, letters – James, sitting still – Autumn. Rule of only one movie a day. Jamie is reading books for the book club, doing stuff for relief society. Doug is now a weeblos leader, working on projects for the boys to make – candles, epoxy formed key chains, periscope, etc… it is the year of the moths – they are everywhere, and are leaving little critters everywhere… Grampy sent the duck clock he carved in the mail today. It is very special, it has almost everything about Grampy in it – his woodcarving, his rocks (clock is a rock) and ducks. Just add a Broncos football, and a picture of a little white dog – and it would be a complete picture of him. They said that they used a picture I took when I was younger to use to carve it from. That is why they wanted to give it to me. We called to say thank you and how special it was. It will be good to see them and everyone in July.