Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13th

Started the day with an early morning jog with Koi. Night vision photography: Doug and Autumn. So nice to have daddy back home again!!!!

Pic-nic in the front yard while I did a little yard work.

Eat your heart out HOA – the flowers beds are now cleaned out… Yes, I know, trash in public view. There's just no pleasing you people!!!!

So Doug and Heather came back from their daddy daughter outing (each Saturday he takes one of the kids out for the morning) with a new fence. When he said he got a fence, I thought he was just getting some wooden slats to fix the back fence – but what they really got was a little wrought-iron fence so I can have a garden. Our new dog saw me digging in the garden corner, and she started digging over there too, and the garden went downhill. This little fence will hopefully keep the dog out, and the little rabbits etc. etc. out too. I have a few flagstones leftover from when we did the MB porch that I will use to make a little rock path in it with, put a couple of planters by the front gate, possibly even put a little bench at the back – try and make it extra cute. The following picts the fence is not even in yet – just propped up – so you’ll have to use your imagination. I’ll update picts as the garden gets finished and starts to grow! What should we plant?

The days grand finale - watching Alice in Wonderland at the Movie Tavern. What a wonderful Saturday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feb 2010

Radishes survived the freeze!

Trip to the zoo with Nammy - thanks for the visit Nammy! we had fun!!!

See Autumn’s tear? They told us we couldn’t get on the train because the ticket booth was closed… but who can turn away crying kids? We got to ride on the train afterall :)