Friday, August 24, 2007

Heather starting Kindergarten!

Today (Friday Aug 24th) We went to meet the teachers. Heather’s friends from church, ballet class, and the park were there – Honor, Brealyn, Gracie, and Daxon. We are so excited, Bear Branch was rated exemplary this year - the highest school rating there is. Heather's teacher is Mrs. Welch - after our morning “meet the teachers” session we requested that she be put in Mrs. Welch's class as she seemed to be the best fit for Heather. Even though it was really late for us to request a teacher, they were able to get her in with that class. She will not be in the same class with anyone she knows, but she will be seeing a lot of all of the teachers/classes as they rotate through workstations in all of the kindergarten classrooms. Something a little funny – they say both the pledge of allegiance and a pledge to Texas. There is a “silent activity” in the morning where everyone can say their prayers. They have two fruit snacks and lunch during the stay and go from 7:50AM to 1:50PM.
Heather said that she will work hard if it is hard, that her favorite subject will be art, that she will choose friends who are nice, and that her first pick out of all the teachers was Mrs. Welch. She is very excited!
Heather will start school on Monday – wish her luck!

And Now, My Granddaughter's in School....

Thirty years or so it seems
I’ve had you on my mind
Wondering what your day will bring
Countless days and times.

The moments you spend with others,
Those I do not know
What you’ll chose to learn from them
As you challenge yourself to grow.

Once I knew your every move
I carefully guarded your day
Especially the early preschool years
Orchestrating work and play.

Now, we e-mail and talk on the phone
Of how you are or might be,
On a given day when I am wondering most
Where you are or what’’s happening.

Jamie, I miss you often
More than you can know
But I watch your joy of being mom
and smile; the children reflect your glow.

Little girls - how they grow up!
Mine and yours will change
But how happy I am to know
That some things will stay the same!

Your journey we can continue to share
Older, wiser, and gentler too
Remembering places; some present, some past
Sharing God’’ lessons and care—His blessings so true.

We trust God to guide and to guard
Sweet Heather as her life will unfold
To watch and preserve her as He did you...
And know that the half has not yet been Told!
- Nammy