Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aunt Monica's visit!

Sat 22nd

Today after the Heather's friends left from the Halloween party, we squeezed in another afternoon with Monica. We had lunch at the beach in Galveston, and then went to the NASA Space center. By chance, JSC had an open house and balloon / parachute festival going on today, so we were able to go into some buildings/rooms that are usually not on the tour - including going into the mission control rooms (which you can usually just see through a window) and letting the kids into a cockpit in the building that does all the wiring/electronics for it. It was really cool to be able to actually go into those rooms and see everything up close!

The kids disappeared - this is where we finally found them.

along with the festival, they had a bunch of booths wet up with some really cool stuff.

This is the wiring inside the shuttle - crazy!

In a real spaceship cockpit - there's a lot of buttons in there!

The two guys with Monica are Mission Directors.

I didn't get a good picture - but they had a bunch of parachuters, little mini hanglider type planes, model airplanes etc. etc.

Houston, the Eagle has landed!

Thursday 20th
We're having a lot of fun with Auntie Mo! Yesterday we rode the train around Herman park, went to the museum, saw rocks and butterflies, came home for dinner / greenbelt walk to feed the turtles, and ended the day with dessert at the movie Tavern - The Lion King in 3D. Today Heather and I are having a mother-daughter outing to see her group perform at the "Sweet Adelines International". I'm excited to get some one-on-one time with Heather, and to see the show!

Seemed like there was more butterflies than usual at the museum - the air was filled with wings!

Autumn really took a liking to her Auntie, and was pestering poor Monica the entire time - including sitting on her at the movies (and I think fell asleep on her). So nice to have such a fun aunt!

Monica reading scary ghost stories to a captive audience while I was fixing dinner. She is a good story - reader!

The vid does not capture it, they passed out glow-sticks to everyone, and shot off paper-fireworks, a big stadium filled with women, it was really cool!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Museum, Zoo, broken arm

Heather's cast - she broke her arm on the Monkey bars at school.

Result of my kids "babysitting" while I was in the kitchen making brownies, poor little guy!

Trip to the zoo!

Trip to the Children's museum.