Monday, August 29, 2011

Joy School 2011-2012

name shirts!

Before our first pre-school, I decided to make painting shirts for all the kids this year. I got some t-shirts at the dollar store.

supplies: Tshirts (dark colored) bleach, tape, squirt bottle, plastic grocery sacks.

put the grocery sacks into the tee-shirts (so the bleach won't soak through to the front)
Use the tape to put names onto shirt - I ripped the tape in half to make the letters thinner, and give it an antique look.
Spray bleach onto the backs of the shirts over the names, then immediately rinse the bleach off in a sink. then remove tape.

This is a shirt where the tape was not ripped in half:
These are the letters where I ripped the tape in half (I think this way looks a lot better)

tomorrow I'm going to let the kids paint the fronts of their shirts with material paint - then through the year they cane use the big shirts to cover their cloths when we have messy projects (art, cooking, gardening etc. etc.)

The front of the shirt:

the center was made by dribbling a line across the shirt, and then using a comb to comb the paint up and down - then of coarse putting paint on their hands and doing hand prints - all supplies came from the dollar store!

They're some pretty crazy shirts, 4-5yo's make the best modern art!