Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guests for breakfast!

Autumn's #2 Bday


Evacuate because of Ike. I feel guilty to go back again to Marc and Shannon’s as we were just there (labor day weekend - Gustov hurricane). Nice to have somewhere to go though! The traffic was not bad, Doug got a free vacation out of it! Had a fun weekend, movies and games, cousins playing with one another. Phones down, so did not know if house was damaged or not. (knew electricity was off as our answering machine did not answer) Got info off of We were getting pretty scared for those who decided to stay in Galveston – heard they were told to write the SS# on their arm… 20,000 people stayed after being told that rescue workers would not be allowed into the area during the hurricane. Surge predicted to be very high, don’t know why they would stay, especially with kids…

kids vegged in front of movie - cousins had fun playing together in Austen!

Marc making pancakes - they are such good cooks!

home again home again, giggidy gig!
below, our house - the only one with no trees down :) we lucked out.

neighbor to the left of us - they lucked out too, tree just barely scraped one of their windows.

neighbor across the coul-d-sac also lucked out, tree just missed his house. He was out of town, so we we went over and used our new chain saw removing this one. It was really fun getting together with all the neighbors, everyone helping one another out. (great BBQ's - had to use up everything in the freezer before it went bad!)

Below, our backyard. The only damage caused was because of the power lines (and because of this we did not have power for 2 weeks - grrrrr.) Scary to go in the back yard, power lines draped over everything. The power comp finally came out, and grrrrr - cut down our beautiful palm trees. The top of the first palm fell onto the patio, right on top of the skimmer, busted the cement (double click on picture, you can see one big chunk of cement busted off into pool). I talked them into at least cutting the rest of the trunk down, although they just left everything in the yard. We were able to drag most of it down to the curb for FEMA to pick up. The big trunk still in the yard though. Sad to lose our trees.

cooking in the kitchen