Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monster Caterpillar!!!!

This big guy was on the front doorstep last night, and was still there thismorning. Didn't want the cat to eat em, so we scooped im up, and put em in the old hermit crab cage. We're going to see if e turns into a butterfly :). He's actually bigger than the pict shows - he's all scared and scrunched up in the pict ;)

Caterpillar update - Dec 6th

The caterpillar disappeared out of the cage (don't know how, or who helped him out) the kids found the above this morning by Heather's bookshelf. Apparently this kind of caterpillar does not climb up a stick, and wrap himself in a cocoon... looks like he shed his skin? and then turned into a black cocoon? The black thing is alive - the end of it wiggles when we move it. Pretty crazy huh?