Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas - Moss Fam

Autumn with her fairy wings on at Mills... Heather doing the jumping thinggy - she flipped a couple 360°'s!

Dinner and a movie!

Apex center - we did it all, swimming, ice skating, rock climbing, and some time in the kid's clubhouse.

Poor Seth, climbing in snow boots - but he made it all the way up!

James started with the cone, then went to the wall, by the end he was doing a little skating without holding on to anything - learned all on his own, pretty impressive!

Granny and Grampy's ducks. If you ever need to find their house, just look up for the circling ducks.

The big sleepover at Great-Granny's - Autumn started sleeping upstairs, but she snuck down with everyone else sometime in the night.

Can't go to Colorado without stopping off at BeauJo's!

Autumn was quite attached to this particular chunk of snow - she coddled it like a little stuffed animal, insisted on hauling it all the way up the sled hill, she sled down the mountain with it, and sat at the bottom coddling it, and taking little bites off of it every now and then.

See James' face? He was tough though, got right back on that sled!

Inside the little cabbin

Some of the books we read at the cabin, Mitch Albom was the best - he's always a good read.

tree house at the back of the cabbin.

James emptied a small snowbank onto the floor every time he took off his shoes...

Snowshoeing! The kids didn't last too long (cold feet) so the guys took them back to the cabin while mom and I went out. It was beautiful!

Had to put my glove out so you could see how large these footprints were - the snow was actually really deep here, I don't know how this (Elk?) was able to stay on top of it like that with those pointy toes.

Mom and I went off trail a bit, just wanted to see over that next ridge - the other side of the mountain, the other side of the mountain, the other side of the mountain was all that we could see (but the other sides of mountains are always pretty to see)

This was a strange thing - a deep crack in the earth, a crevasse with a pool of brown water that wasn't frozen making all kinds of gurgling/boiling/fizzing noises - no steam though. There were signs not to touch the water, said it was full of Arsenic from the mines.

An old abandoned house we found.

Love these picts of Autumn!

The cabbin

Twin lakes, Twin peaks


Wipe out!!!! That's Doug and James, wish I got a vid of it, they were going pretty fast.

Grampa Moose in his natural habitat.

Nammy in the snow - it was at least waist deep! at least - she's so light, I don't think she sank in all the way.

The tunnel - I was never quite able to hold my breathe through the entire thing, but you always have to at least try.

Dad put trash bags up to try and blck the ducks from making a mess on the patio - ducks can fly though, so it wasn't much of a deterrant...

Our three little elves.

This year was the year of the legos. Serious business, you had to follow the instructions, open the bags in order, to get it all together right.

Autumn started painting this pig on Granny's lace tablecloth... here is the finished product after we got some plastic under it.

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve, potatoe soup, some hot green chili, Christmas Carols, and the white elephant gift exchange.

Play in Golden - Nammy got the kids some big hot chocolates.