Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3rd grade field trip!

March 1, 2011 George Ranch Historical Park

March 1st

Jan-Feb 2011

Jan-Feb 2011

Heather's science fair project! She won 2nd place, and had a lot of fun staying up late, and getting up early with her dad to look at the planets.

James with the class turtle - the kindergartners all took turns bring the turtle home with them for a night. James did not sleep with the turtle (so the dog would not chew it up) but we did have breakfast with it.
Joy school! We went for a nice long walk down by the creek, it was really nice out! Learned about taking care of our teeth.
James outgrew all of his new pants, cut them all off into shorts for the summer.
found a HUGE mushroom at the dollar store, had fun cooking with it.

There were a few cold nights - just a few.
The dog cuddling with James on one of the colder nights.
Art Masterpiece! This time around we did Klee - fish magic. We used pastels on foam paper to draw fish and other modern art objects. It was fun, and easy.

Joy school field trip to the children's museum - another really nice day out.

Heather's cabbage - there is a national competition for 3rd graders growing cabbages (biggest ones win scholarships) there were a few nights below zero that we had to haul out blankets etc. etc. for it, but so far it has survived! James' K class did tulips, I got to help them plant theirs too.
half day of school, we went to the museum with a few friends, had lots of fun!

Miller-theater hill, not much that is more fun that just rolling down a grassy hill.

James ended up in the duck pond by the end... luckily he had a change of cloths in the van!
The wheat grinder! Doug got me this for Christmas, now we can have fresh ground home-made bread!
party in 3rd grade classroom
Selling girl scout cookies.
New stove top! This was our last kitchen appliance to replace.
Not pictured: birthday parties, valentines day parties, K science lab, open house at the school... Heather is now taking piano with Carri, and Nona passed away.