Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marc and Shannon's July 2-5th 2010

Weekend trip to Austin to see Marc, Shannon, and the girls.
It was fun! We watched movies, played Settlers of Cattan, went swimming, ate lots of good food, shot off fireworks, and went spelunking. The cousins had fun camping out / playing legos with one another. Thanks so much!!!! We had fun!!!!

July 4th 2010

boys wiull be boys ;) That's what we get for setting off fireworks on the Lord's day I guess :D

J/K - it's makeup. Marc was showing Doug how to make various wounds for scouting - they set up scenerios, and make the boys figure out what happened, 1st aid stuff etc. etc.

here's the fireworks! Marc has a little cannon, it doesn't really shoot anything, just makes a loud boom / lighting powder on fire.

each of the kids picked out their own fireworks at a stand outside of town.

James helping to light up his fireworks.

Marc and Doug had a little war with the two tanks. Marc's tank won.

This was a little chicken that laid eggs.

Digging into the goodie bag.