Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bleach-stamped T's and Sweatshirts

Playing around with goodwill T's and Sweatshirts. I printed out a design with the computer, put duct tape on the back, cut it out, and then either sprayed bleach on the paper and then put the bleach-soaked paper onto the shirt, or sprayed bleach on top of it to copy the design.

I'm going to try and make a bunch of these for Christmas, I know, spoil the surprise - but I need sizes!! so send me your size, your favorite animal, and color (has to be a dark color) so I can make one for you! I think I'll use T's for all of them (the sweatshirts soak up too much bleach, and fuzzy out the design)


Print it out
Put duct tape on back
Cut it out, put on shirt with plastic bag inside (so it does not bleed through)
Spray bleach on!
immediately wash. (I had the laundry machine already filled up with water, so I could throw the shirts in after only a minute with the bleach)

T's - you can spary

Sweat shirts - these soak up too much bleach, so it does not work to spray them - you have to stamp them instead. (Spray paper side of cutout, then place the bleach-soaked paper cutout on the sweatshirt, cover in plastic, place a big heavy book on top for ~ 4 minutes, then peel off... use paintbrush to lightly paint bleach onto spots that did not soak it in enough.)

The results!

Sooper cheap (the T-shirts only cost a couple of dollars) I know, but hopefully kind of fun. I think I might go get some contact paper to cut the designs out with (it will actually stick to the shirts, to get a sharper line, might be able to do some more complex designs that way), we'll see, if you think they're goofy, just remember it's the thought that counts, right?