Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reflections Contest

Heather made a new picture for the reflections contest. We almost missed it, Heather skipped school on Monday, so we did not get the take home notes at the beginning of the week. She had to put this together all in one night. I think it turned out neat though. The theme this year is "WOW!". Heather's piece is titled "Nature". The descript is: "A tree that is taller than the world's tallest tower. Almost taller than the stars. wow!. At first she wanted to do a creature from a book she had read that is made up of all mixed up animal parts. We decided not to do it because it would be copying the book. Then she wanted to do a horse because she likes horses, but horses are more of an "awe" than a wow. We were talking while driving around in the car. She looked out the window at the trees, and that is when she came up with her idea.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nammy and Grampa Moose!

Sunday Nov 9th - Monday 10th
Nammy and Grampa Moose came out for a visit, it was really fun to see them both. On Sunday we walked to the park, hung around the house talking. Monday I took Heather out of school and we all went to NASA before they had to go home. It was a short visit, but we had fun.

Daisy Canoe Trip!

aturday Nov 8th
Today Doug took HEather on her girl scout Canoe trip. Looks like they had fun!

Friday Nov 7th
Fall Fest at Heather's school! It is a carnival they do every year, there is a bake sale (we brought cupcakes), games, Outback caters hamburders, and giant inflatable slides. This year they hired a rather loud rock-n-roll band playing oldies music. There was a MASH tesnt, where the kids could go get their hari spray painted cerazy colors, and get dressed up in bandages etc... Because of the time change, this year it was dark out already for the festival. It was fun!