Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bday/Father's Day June 18-20, 2010

Me and mom at the "Mud Maxx" 5K. It was fun! The 5K was around a couple little lakes (below). We also got to run through a river twice.

They had a firetruck / firefighters hosing everyone off afterwards. There were a lot of people ~800 I think.

Kemah Boardwalk!
After the race Dorothy and Harold left for Marc's, and we went to Kemah with Grandpa Moose and Nammy.

We went for a boat ride on this crazy raceboat. They blasted music, tried to get everyone to dance, and raced around in the harbor. Heather danced, James held on the entire trip, Autumn huddled in a towel with her dad.

view of Kemah from the ocean.

cool bird that was under the boardwalk. These birds are all over Lake Houston too, I don't know what they are, but they are beautiful.

Daddy's girls

James doing a funny pose. They have a little water foutain thing in the center of Kemah that shoots up streams of water through the ground. A good place to cool off!
Kids trying to get Grandpa Moose wet.

autumn spent most of the time sitting in the very center of the water fountains. She did not really get wet (unlike James)

This one was so high up, I was surprised they let James go on it. All I could see the whole time was his legs sticking straight out with his little toes all spayed apart.

Autumn holding on for dear life on the ferris wheel. Who would have thought that the ferris wheel was the scariest ride? Heather and Autumn both settled down once they got used to it.

James trying to show his sister how to fly the plane.

It was a fun day! Thanks to everyone who came into town, it was good to see all of the Colorado folks. (I feel so bad, I didn't get any picts of Dorothy/Harold - should have grabbed the camera when we were all swimming, but then it doesn't seem right to take picts of everyone in their swimming suits :D. )