Sunday, October 12, 2008


Saturday Oct 11th
Went to the museum, saw a new dinosaur exhibit (fossilized dinosaur mummies – dinos with a bit of skin still on them!) and we went to the butterfly exhibit. They had an adopt a butterfly program going on, Nammy got the kids a butterfly to release. Then back to the airport, always sad when relatives go back home.

Oct 11th Old McDonald's Farm

Old McDonald’s farm with Autumn and James – Heather in school, sad for her to miss out. Lost James for a bit, he ran off into their fort, surprising how fast you can lose a kid. Feeding animals, the little goats were really fisty! Let them pick out a pumpkin. Picked up Heather, we were going to try for the museum, but did not have enough time. Ordered pizza, watched a movie on the Arabs after kids went to bed.

Thursday Oct 9th

Joy school!
We made cookies and little pipe cleaner spiders. It was nice to have Nammy there to help out.

Nammy got the kids all matching skeleton shirts. The shirts were a big hit.