Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fine Arts Festival!

Heather created some artwork this year that was selected to be displayed at a fine arts festival, she even got a ribbon! They had lots of crafts for the kids to do, one year we'll have to have an art Bday party, so I took some picts to remember some of the fun crafts they had for the kids to do.

Heather's art - I can't wait to get this up on a wall, love what she made -

This is one of the crafts. You get a piece of wax paper, put on a layer of shaving cream, sprinkle material dye on top, then use a toothpick to draw lines in the shavingcream/dye - then you take a little piece of material (little pouch bag) and press it into the shavingcream/dye mixture - scrape shaving cream off, and then let dry - we were a little ruched making them here, with a little practice I think we could make some better ones...

The finished bags, with a little bead chain they made too -

Hats! just long strips of colored paper stapled to size, with "bling" glued on, very easy, very fun.

Prints - just a Styrofoam sheet (could use a Styrofoam plate) that is etched with a toothpick, then colored with a marker - another piece of paper is sponged down with a water/starch or hair-gel mixture - slap the wet paper onto the etched Styrofoam, and wala, you can make prints! again, very fast and easy.

Autumn in her usual atire - she loves to dress up, it's always a fight to get all the extra stuff off before we go out in public :)