Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas!

James’ Gingerbread man – they had a gingerbread themed weak at school, parents were supposed to help kids decorate this at home but while I was teaching piano lessons, Heather and Autumn helped James – they used these HUGE pieces of yucky candy – not what I would have chosen, probably way to heavy to get hung on the wall with the other pictures, but sometimes you have to just laugh and call it good.

Joy School Christmas Party!

We decorated cookies, made a Christmas tree craft, ate lots of yummy food, and had an indoor snowball fight (with wadded up paper instead of snow)

Christmas decorations in our front yard, we got our own little nativity this year!

These are some people down the street from us – Charlotte had real animals in their front yard today, a live nativity. This is the 10th year they have done this for the kids in the neighborhood – real animals, because the nativity is real. This year KWHS was sued for putting a star on their Christmas tree, some people are really hateful towards Christians. So nice to live in a neighborhood where most people understand what Christmas is really about. We took the kids to see the animals, Charlotte read out of Mathew the Christmas story, we said a prayer together, and sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas” together. It was a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is really about.

Polar Express day at BBE. The Kindergarteners got to wear their PJ’s to school. They read the polar express book in the computer lab, and then when they got back to their classrooms to their surprise there was hot chocolate, marshmallows, a candy cane, and a bell waiting for them on their desks! Santa must have been there, there was even a little snow left behind to mark his trail.

Merry Almost Christmas!!!