Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nammy and Grampa Moose's visit!

Nammy and Grampa Moose came out for James' party. We went bowling on Friday night, Autumn scored 3 spares in a row, and beat all of us with a score of 114!. Saturday morning we went to a little horse training demo, then James party, then Autumn's recital, then dad took us out to PeiWei's for dinner, and we drove around looking at Christmas lights. It was fun to have them in town for a few days.

Dec 10th, 2011 - Autumn's dance recital. She waved and waved at us. They put lipstick on her backstage, she really enjoyed putting on a show for everyone.

James' Indiana Jones Party - Doug made an ark of the covenant, and Holy Grail, then ordered the crystal skull online for a capture the artifact game (like capture the flag). We really lucked out, the weather was nice for us, so we were able to have the party at the park instead of at our house.

The little Indiana Jones wip James has is getting lots of use - trying to keep everyone from getting too many welts from it!
Instead of a pinyata (something wrong about hitting the Ark with a stick) we had a ribbon pull that Doug made - it worked out well.

We had hot chocolate, and a healthy lunch, cupcakes, and pudding snack packs because it was too cold for ice-cream.

Sarah smashed the cupcake into her head, and then everyone else started doing this too.
Crystal finally recovered the Ark from the blue team, it was hidden and guarded well, but she finally got it!
Searching for the elusive grail in the woods. The grail was the last artifact that they found.

James' Quilt from Granny McDonald - "Under the Sea", it's really neat! James was waiting for this for awhile, Autumn and Heather got theirs first - when Amazon packages came in the mail, James would ask if it was his quilt.

Shirts for James' Indian Jones Party (Crystal skull, Arc of the Covenant, Holy Grail)


Crystal Skull - luckily the dollar store had T-shirts the right size! (pattern made with bleach)
Heather's School project.

Thanksgiving Joy School

Thanksgiving 2011