Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nammy's trip!

Mom's trip to Houston - we had fun!

Picking blueberries at Moorshead with some friends, then we ate some Mexican food at one of those little trailers off the side of the road, and then went swimming after being out in the how sun all morning, showered up, and then off to a baptism - a full day!

We got some snow-cones - everyone is showing their colorful tongues.

That's our little Texan!
On Friday we went for a bike ride to the lake - kind a swamp (very shallow lake for most of it).

The water level is really down right now, there were a ton of these huge fresh-water shells, we collected a whole bag full of big shells that are now in the front flowerbed.

You can see where the normal water level is on the roots of this tree - sad to see the water so low, but cool to see all the neat tree roots.

Autumn went in the mud with her shoes on, took the muddy shoes off, then she went in again... exploring in a swamp is muddy business!

low water makes for some nice beaches!
pic-nic lunch, lots of fun places to bike too.

Not pictured - swimming, and swimming, and swimming some more, trip to the library, movies, yummy food, Thanks Nammy!!! We had fun!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GS Bridging & Joyschool pool parties



Take my hand in friendship

I give to you this day.

Remember all the good times

We had along the way.


Take my hand in helping

Other people that we know.

The more we give to others,

The more that we will grow.


Take my hand in learning

To camp on nature’s ground.

Enjoying trails and campfires

With new friends that we have found.


Take my hand in giving

Our knowledge of true scouts

To girls we meet and talk to

Who have so many doubts.


Take my hand in thanking

Our leaders and our guides

With sincere appreciation

For standing by our side.


Take my hand in eagerness

To be an older scout.

We’re proud to be a fly-up

It’s what we’re going to shout.


So, take my hand to follow

New scouting paths in sight.

We’ll join hands with each other

And in friendship we’ll unite.


We give our thanks in promise

To hold our country dear,

And abide the Girl Scout Law

Each day throughout the year.

The poem above is what they are saying before going up "the bridge" and down the slide into the pool. (James, Autumn, and a few other kids were a bit impatient for the ceremony to be over, that's who you hear in the background)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Wekend!