Friday, August 19, 2011

July picts

First day back to pre-school!

1st day of school! Heather with her best friend.

Heather and James with their new teachers.

Friday Aug 19th
Back to school cloths, thanks Granny! - went shopping on tax-free weekend, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, lots of sales + we ate at the food court, rode the merry-go-round, and got cookies. Poor puppies had their surgery today, we dropped them off at the vet, and then went to the Woodland's mall because it was close to the vet.

Heather wants to wear skirts this year. At least they make them with shorts built in underneath.

Autumn - still into pink princess type things.

4th grade, 1st grade, and pre-K (Joy school, and art classes for Autumn), here they come!!!

Poor puppies! They need lots of love after their visit to the vet.
Thursday Aug 18th - we went to the Museum of Fine arts (they don't let you take picts in there) I think we were the only kids in there - I guess adults enjoy art more than kids do, but it was still fun - saw Egyptian mummies, Monet, photography, sculptures, and modern art - the kids like art.

then we went to the Houston Health museum - it was fun!

Scream as loud as you can booth! (learning about ears) we got a bunch of kids in there to all scream together to see how loud they could get.
This was really fun - the skeleton was rigged to move the same way you were moving so you could see how your knees etc. etc. moved as you bike.

inside the rib cage - the museum is a huge walk-through body where you learn about all of the parts. We also did a 4D film - "Planet me" where they looked at the eco-systems living on your skin.

The one pict from the art museum. We had a really yummy lunch here too with some hungry birds.
Doug's project - he's making a set of Napier's bones which is a preclude to the abacus / slide rule, for his calculator collection, carving them out of marble.

Fire in the greenbelt!! right behind our house, it was scary, good thing someone was back there to catch it quickly!

Poor Nammy, sleeping with all the kids, and the dogs.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! We made them for a trip to Miller Outdoor theater.

Theater snacks, yummmmm.
watching a cowboy play out under the stars with our strawberries.

the kids got bored, so they found a light pole to climb up :) .
Dads watching the kids taking turns climbing up the light pole.
Swimming with Nammy.

Children's Museum with Nammy! We were here all day - almost 8 hours! It's a HUGE museum, it was fun.

the museum has a street with little businesses on the sides - the kids get their own ATM card, work at the various stores to make money, then deposit their checks etc. etc. there was a grocery store, Animal veterinary, art studio, police station, ambulance/hospital, wall-street, restaurant, bike shop etc. etc. all where the kids could pretend to work or shop etc. etc.
Is it a good thing to teach kids how to use ATM machines? They loved this part of it...

in a creation room - you make things out of twistie-ties / tape / paper / cups etc. etc. and then you attach them to various robotic things to make them move around / come to life. They also had paper-air plane, and rock ship building and launching, lego derby car + racetrack, lots of different stations with different materials to construct things.

This climbing thing is at least 3 stories tall, Nammy went in with the kids and climbed to the very top and back down.

Rock climbing! They made it all the way across!

Natural History Museum.

Piano recital! One of the families I teach - they are a really special family.James on piano, Heather on Piano and guitar, and Autumn with her little lap harp.