Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 2012

Jan 2012 - trip to the park with Jenn and Ammany
Children's museum.  Autumn's little friend moved to Utah, we sure miss them.

Houston Zoo

2012 Science Fair project - Heather won 3rd and James won alternate - they both got their picture in the paper!  Heather had ~70 people fill out questioners to see how different people visualize the same words.  James learned about hot air balloons with sky lanterns. 

1st grade field trip to the rodeo!  James and Sarah.

Making healthy pizza.

March 2012 spring break trip to Colorado. 

James keeps loosing teeth!  Pretty soon he will not have anything left to chew with.
YMCA at Estes Park with Nammy, Grampa Moose, and Seth.  It was really fun!  We rode horses, roller-skated, watched a little choir sing, and stayed in a really cute cabin. 

Trip to the zoo with Granny - we walked and walked, but the kids didn't tire Granny out!

 Riding horses at Travis and Angie's

Heather's 4th grade field trip to the Sam Houston memorial museum.  It was a really fun field trip, a whole little settlement set up with people reenacting pioneer times, lots of demonstrations for cooking, shooting, gardening, etc. etc.

Heather with her best friend Elana.
Easter Morning - the kids were up before dawn to get their Easter baskets - this picture was taken with the infra-red setting!
Easter outfits before church

Painting Easter Eggs at the house.

Heather at the district science fair.

Painting old laundry soap bucket on the driveway with Johnathan and Amber.
Camping trip!  Near the Brazos river.  There were lots of bugs, but it was beautiful out, everything was green, lots of flowers. 

Our little garden - I put a little timer on the hose so it gets water automatically, hopefully we'll get some cucumbers this year!

The last joy-school at our house - this was a happy and sad day, we've been doing joy school for ~6 years with Heather, James, and now Autumn.  Autumn is registered and ready for kindergarten, so this was the last time for preschool at our home.

Autumn's ballet recital - Autumn loved this, they put on quite a show!

Holocaust memorial walk
 James' 1st grade "Arff" musical production, and Heather's girls scout troop opening the PTA meeting.
Heather's GT project - to design the ultimate backyard.  Heather's has a soccer field, board game area, pets, obstacle coarse, tree climbing, pets, beach, ice-skating, and gardens.

Saturday trip to the zoo.  Doug's group at work organized a little lunch there, it was fun.