Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas time!

Marc took some better picts, this is what we got of them in the outfits Nammy sent. autumn really really wanted to wear her pink rain goloshas - we talked her out of it, but just barely :)


We went to Galveston on Friday after Thanksgiving, into the aquarium moody gardens pyramid, then to the Rain Forest Café for lunch, and the beach. It was a little cold/cloudy, but the kids were still able to play in the water a bit.

Thanksgiving 09

Marc and Shannon came over with their kids, and a few others. We cooked the turkey with oranges this year, sweet potatoes with apples and cinnamon/nutmeg, Green beans with caramelized onions, Cran-orange-Kumquat sauce, and raw cranberries covered with honey and rolled in powdered sugar, Spaghetti-squash with spinach/tomatoes/green pepper/cilantro, stuffing, gravy, ageratum potatoes, Shannon’s home made whole wheat rolls, frog-eye salad, and a big platter of chocolate chip cookies (most of the kids only ate cookies). Lots of pies for dessert. The kids decided to eat outside in their tree/bush house – saved us from having to clean up spills! Lots of kids – I think there ended up being 10 kids and 7 adults? It was fun.