Thursday, June 11, 2009

picts for claim

Almost done finishing up repairs to the pool from Ike - these are picts for the energy comp for our claim. Double click on any pict to enlarge.

receit from absolute Leak detection. It states:
Repair to the skimmer. change out shallow end skimmer, and replumbed sikmmer took out flex pipe behind it. $1,075

What they had to remove/replace. You can see the cement broken off of the front, and a crack in the cement going straight back to the skimmer. The skimmer under the cement was cracked, air got into the system through this crack causing the pump to burn out, we had replace the skimmer.

Pcts taken when we got home after Ike:
Power lines down behind the house:

Power lines draping over palm trees. Notice that the palms did not fall down due to Ike. The palms were cut down by the power company because the lines were draped through them.

The top of the palm tree cut by energy comp that hit the cement and caused the damage.

cement /skimmer broken by palm tree cut by energy workers. You can see chunks of cement in the pool bottom.

pict taken before Ike showing skimmer (on RHS) that is undamaged.