Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heather's Bday

April 15th
Happy Tax Day! Hope everyone got their tea bags in to the tea party :)

Yesterday was Heather's Bday - she is now 7!!!. She wore her horse shirt to school that Nammy and grampa Moose sent. She does not like cup-cakes or cookies, so I took pudding snack packs to school with whipped cream and cherries to put on top. I email invited all the girls in the class to her party, while passing out the pudding one of the boys came up and asked me when the party was, so today I sent Heather to class with invitations for everyone, girls and boys.

And today she came home with flowers - from a boy, Mason. He took them and died them Heather's favorite color - blue. I guess Heather really is getting old - getting flowers from a boy!