Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heather's Birthday Party

April 15th
Happy Tax Day! Hope everyone got their tea bags in to the tea party :)

Yesterday was Heather's Bday - she is now 7!!!. She wore her horse shirt to school that Nammy and grampa Moose sent. She does not like cup-cakes or cookies, so I took pudding snack packs to school with whipped cream and cherries to put on top. I email invited all the girls in the class to her party, while passing out the pudding one of the boys came up and asked me when the party was, so today I sent Heather to class with invitations for everyone, girls and boys.

And today she came home with flowers - from a boy, Mason. He took them and died them Heather's favorite color - blue. I guess Heather really is getting old - getting flowers from a boy!

Saturday April 18th
Today was Heather’s birthday part. Nammy got a bunch of horse party supplies to us in the mail. We had lots of fun. We played “horse in a haystack” where they had to dig around in a big barrel of Styrofoam to find little white horses to paint. Then they sat down and painted. Next we hung apples from strings hung from the chandelier, and everyone tried to take a bite out of the apple without using their hands. We did pin the tail on the horse, and horse-shoes. Doug made a horse shoe stake for inside, and put a picture of a cow head on it. The kids had to sit on a toy horse, and try and lasso the cow with the horse shoes. We did the piƱata outside on the porch. It was raining really hard, lucky to have a covered porch. They collected the candy in their little cowboy boots, bandanas to blindfold them for this and pin the tail on the horse. We cake/ice cream, opened presents, and last made the colored sugar tubes. Doug cut the cake, so all the kids got really big pieces. Some of the moms stayed, one said they almost bought our neighbor’s house this last time it was for sale. Bummer, we could have had Heather’s friend next door. We missed not having Nammy here with us, there was 18 inches of snow in Colorado, and the rain here…

I tried to go to a bridal shower after the party, but had to turn around and come back home because of the rain – it was crazy! Our couldesack was a lake, some really deep water, I have never driven through water that deep before, there were a lot of people who killed their cars. It took out the steering on the van. Luckily I was able to make it back home, spent the time cleaning up after the party instead.

Night was the modesty fashion show, had a bunch of the young women get up and do a cat-walk with school cloths / church cloths / and formals. Served a fancy dinner, it was fun. YW’s big chance to shine as they transitioned to womanhood.

Doug is upstairs practicing the bagpipes – not the full set yet, just got the intro part to it. The kids had a full day, they are able to sleep through the noise.