Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's end

Aug 8-25th
We went to the museum, went swimming, Ruthann and James came over for a day, had a dinner with them and another couple from Colorado – I did not know about this until the night before (Sunday) so I was a bit unprepared, ended up just fixing spaghetti, O well. It was fun to see everyone again though. We did some babysitting, a few rainy days, went to the library, went out to eat with Doug for lunch. We went out to a fancy Italian restaurant, don’t think we will try that with kids again for a while… the next table over offered to buy Doug some wine after watching our attempt at dinner. We rode bikes to the park, tied Chaco up to James’ bike, and he pulled James the whole way. We read “Yurtle the Turtle” earlier that day, and James recited “I’m king of a house, I’m king of a mule, I’m king of a cat, etc. as he was swing up high. Little Autumn has been singing, she can hit the notes of twinkle twinkle pretty well. She is still having trouble at bedtime. One night we tucked her in, then she grabbed a teddy bear and tucked the bear in. We left the room while she was still working on the bear to go tuck James in. We caught her sneaking into James room – she saw us and immediately threw herself on the ground and pretended to be sleeping. We carried her back in and found a dozen little stuffed animals all tucked in her bed. She had tucked them all in and then left the room, just like we tuck her in and then leave. It was pretty funny. Heather working on tieing her shoes again, last year her shoes did not have shoe laces, this year they do. She is getting really good at reading. Practiced the piano a bit with her too. She started doing a version of broken chords with her left hand, a little improve that was pretty neat. The summer went so quickly! Can’t believe it is already time for school to start again.