Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day weekend!

chasing chickens!

Aug 29-Sept 1st
Labor day weekend! We ended up going to Marc and Shannon’s, sort of a last minute trip. There was another hurricane – Gustov I think, ended up hitting New Orleans again instead of us. We had a fun weekend though, went to the park and shot off some rockets, flew some kites. Ate lots of good food (Marc cooked everything) they had a little kiddy pool outside that the kids played in. They also have chickens that Autumn and James fell in love with. They would chase them around, scoop them up, and snuggle them up like a stuffed animal. The chickens were surprisingly accommodating to the attention, they let the kids catch them when they were fast enough to run away if they wanted to. Marc and Shannon had a tent set up in the living room for the kids to “camp out” in. They had a lot of fun with that too.

Rockets and kites - James launched the rocket!

Daddy and daughter flying kites

boys with their wagon full of rockets, kites, and food.

6 girls (2 not in pict) and one boy :)