Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break March 2011

Early Easter Picts! Nammy and Granny got the kids all outfits, and flowers are at full peak over here - the below picts are in our neighbor's yard, they are retired, and have a botanical garden going on over there!

The below are flowers in our yard!

~Spring break at the beach~

The little blue things are jelly fish - they came in incredible colors, and were washing up all over the beach - they must not have been the kind that sting though.

Autumn spent quite a lot of time running back and forth with the waves.

Nammy went for a run on the beach

Lots of shells!

baby jelly fish (I think?)

~Springtime at Lake Livingston~

An old-fashioned slide, I got lots of picts, they don't make slides like this anymore,
the kids had a blast on it.

Making crafts out of recycled stuff.

Junior master naturalists at work!

A walk in the dark

infra-red photography

the camera just could not capture this sunset, guess you had to be there.

~ The full moon was magnificent ~

Are you sitting in the water? ~ "Yes" (not in the schedule, but that's ok)

~ fresh water shells ~

~ when in Rome ~

~ eroding lake shore with filled with washed up treasures ~

~ these were the only flowers she picked, we left the rest to go to seed ~


~ sisters ~