Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inner Space Cavern July 5th 2010

Haha - I look like a big-eared elf in this pict!
On Monday we went to the Cracker barrel for breakfast. The kids sat at the kids table, and the adults sat at the adult’s table. The kids left quite a mess behind, but it was a good breakfast!

After breakfast we went spelunking in the Inner Space Cavern, a pretty cool place. They found it when putting a highway in – kept drilling down for bedrock, and hitting air instead. Finally the road crew made a 2 foot wide whole, a guy climbed onto the drill bit, and they lowered him in. In Texas, if you are the first one into a cave on your land, you own the entire cave – even if most of the cave isn’t under your land.

Autumn was on the lookout for bears in the cave, because bears live in caves. She and little Anna were a bit scared at first and spent the trip hanging onto their daddies. We rode a little mine car down into the cave, and then had a little tour. It was fun!

There were no bears, but there were a few bats!

Blue lights marked the entrance to other caves that went back at least 50 feet.

Each one of these little straws takes hundreds of years just to grow an inch!

Lisa got all the Turner’s a set of Gilligan’s Island DVD’s one year for Christmas, so all the kids know the Gilligan’s Island song – they were all singing it in the van. The following is a poem that Naomi wrote after driving around in uncle Doug’s Van. There is a little patch of insulation missing from our air-conditioner hose which drips water condensate onto the belts and creates horrible whining noises right now in the car. It’s true – the van was a mess, made horrible noises, but it was fun cramming a bunch of cousins in the car together.

Uncle Billybob Drives his truck
By Naomi Turner

Uncle Billybob said Wee!
Today we’re driving to the see!
With my feet on the pedals
And head in the air,
Sure, oh surely,
I’ll get us all there!
The truck was a mess,
But we all tried our best
To get ourselves comfey on board.
But our older cousin
Drove with a dozen
Rubies and diamonds and swords
Our uncles truck
Sounded like a sick duck
With a squeal and a whir and a whine,
But as it neared the seashore
We were ever so sure,
That the vehicle’s doing just fine.