Friday, July 24, 2009

July 4th Colorado trip!

Fireworks at CSM. We decided to go to our old stomping grounds with my parents to see Golden's fireworks, ended up getting front row seats! we were right across the street from where they were lighting them! They were so close, James was scared.

My first attempt to upload a vid :) part of finale of Golden fireworks.

fireworks at Kent's house, Kent's dog all decked out in glow neckolaces ;) on the way home - had a pic-nic lunch at the gorge. Drove through a beautiful canyon/country on hwy 69 just south of the Dunes. Big double rainbow on the roadtrip home. we decided not to rush the trip this time, stayed overnight in a hotel room
End of the Colorado trip. Wish I had the camera when I went hiking with mom :( that was the prettiest spot. Oh well, I guess some things will only live in our memories.