Saturday, December 12, 2009

James #5 Bday 12-12-09

Opening presents is always crazy... I'm not quite sure what everyone brought, but I'm sure James knows!

Instead of "pin the tail on the donkey" it was "pin the knife on the apple" (there is an apple on the top of her head). From the placement of knives you can tell who was cheating and who wasn't.

This was our craft - reindeer Christmas tree ornaments.
Going through the pinata loot. I didn't mean to put that much candy in there - mostly just plastic toys... I kept finding all of these candy wrappers everywhere - I'll probably be finding candy wrappers weeks from now ;).

Nicole saved the day and busted open the treasure box pinata. It was a difficult task - the pinata was partially constructed with duct tape!
Kind of hard to hit the pinata holding a loot bag, but he was still able to get a couple good swings in.
Autumn's attempt was more of a poking then a hitting... You can always tell who would make great baseball players during pinata time - Crystal wins hand-down for best pinata hit.
Most of the bunch - a good turnout considering it's the crazy Christmas season of the year!
Arrrrrrrrrghhh me maties!