Friday, May 29, 2009

Gerbils, and other projects

Heather's underwater artwork

finally getting the flagstone deck in, had some extra rocks, so made a little path to the front door too.

Kingwood yardsale find - $40 for two TV centers. Turned this TV center into a bookshelf (put in shelves where the TV used to go) Was able to match the finish pretty well using old stains I found in the garage. Put in hinged cabinet doors (one of the doors was broken off when I got it). It will be nice for James room.

Meet the gerbils! We felt bad about Jame's hermit crab dieing, so went out to get some fuzzy indoor pets. Cage and TV stand from KWYS, gerbils from a little pet store up on Northpark. (Poor things, crammed into a cage, rather dirty - they have cleaned themselves off now though - lots of crazy animals at this store, prarie dogs, strange sort of rabbits, lots of variety) We have to tape the cage doors closed (Autumn gets them out, then we have to hunt around to try and find them again.) They seem to be nocturnal, I hope they will not keep James up at night! The black one is a girl, the grey/white one is a boy. There is still discussion about what their names should be... balckie? buggsy? They are cute - gerbils are supposed to be less likely to bite than hamsters, and so far it is true. They let you hold them, and come pu to say "hi" when you tap on their cage. Lots of tunnels etc. for them to explore.