Friday, January 9, 2009


We spent one day in denver’s Natural History museum with Nammy and grampa Moose. It was nice to spend a day with dad, he had to work a lot of the time we were there. Mom got tickets to the IMAX show and the planetarium, we ate lunch there, saw the dinosaurs, and all the animal dioramas. Little James talked through the entire dinosaur IMAX show, he loves dinos soooo much. I love the animal dioramas at this museum, they are better than going to a zoo. We went up to the top floor and took a picture of Denver.

After the museum we drove around downtown looking at the Christmas lights. We drove past 16th street, the civic center (we parked and got out of the car thinking, along with a bunch of other people, that the light might come on at 5:30 – but they did not, so we drove around again until they did come on). It was nice to see they still had a nativity display out!