Friday, October 31, 2008

Saturday Oct 25th Wings over Houston Air Show!

We have wanted to go to this ever sense we moved here, this was the first year we have been able to make it. It was fun, they had a lot of displays for the kids to look at on the ground, and shows from 10:00 until about 4:00 – it was a long day, poor little Autumn did not make it through the whole thing. They had army planes, stunt planes, old planes, new planes, big ones, and small ones. They had a WW2 reenactment with bombs / fireworks etc going off. Let the kids each pick out a toy plane to take home. They all picked out “good guy” US planes. James was adamant that I call them the right names, not an “airplane” a “jet” etc. It was fun, although Doug got a headache the next day after looking at the sky for 6 hours straight. The weather is finally starting to cool off a bit so we can go outside.