Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heather's Reflections painting with 1st place ribbon!!! Way to go Heather! Heather's class picture.

Wednesday Feb 20th
Lazy day at home, Heena’s piano lesson went well, she is starting to like Jazz, she played her violin, and I played the piano with her. Starting to compose her own songs. Little Autumn is experimenting with walking backwards, still trying to potty train James, it seems to be a long process.

Thursday Feb 21st
Heather brought back her reflections picture today – she got 1st place! Everyone in her class crowding around to see her painting, and praise her. It is titled “Planting Flowers”. Reflections theme this year was I can make a difference by - – Heather’s painting was around making a difference by planting flowers in the sun where they can grow, showing others beautiful things – like the silver lining on clouds, and being a friend to everyone – represented by the daisy chain framing the picture. We will have to go celebrate her success!

Friday Feb 22nd
Doug woke up with a headache, let him take the van, then remembered I had visit teaching appointments. Biked Heather to school, then back home, then biked over to Karen R’s home – a nice ride, cloudy out so not too hot. Had a bit of a “Red Tent” discussion at Karen’s house. I have always been healthy, so have never had to pay much attention to what I eat, or balancing medications. I guess I should start paying more attention, at least to what Doug is taking. Biked back home, did some laundry. Called Janessa, Ed was working at the PB factory, so I talked Janessa into watching our kids rather than staying home alone – Doug was able to get home at 2:00 – just in time to pick Heather up from school. Susie was going to pick us up, pick Heather up, then take all of us to our next VT appointment – luckily Susie got a call that made her late – Doug drove up right as Susie did – so doug was able to get Heather and watched the kids while Susan and I went VT to Karen J’s. Nice to go VTing without kids. Came home, dropped kids off at Janessa’s and went to the temple. Rush hour traffic so we did not make the 5:00 session – got there at 5:00 without enough time to change – ended up doing sealings for an hour, then made the 6:00 session. A little bit different session… reminders that we now have a new president...

Saturday feb 23rd
Went to quilting class this morning with Heather, and learned how to make the block for the upcoming quilting bee. I have never had much patience for detail, one for practicality rather than looks. Susie talking yesterday about who the quilts went to though, they go to people who deserve something nice. Spent rest of day doing laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, while Doug worked on moving everything over to the new study. Slow process to get everything moved over, but it will be so nice for James to have his own room. We ordered pizza for dinner.

Sunday Feb 24th
We got a new bishop today – Brother Maranto – I know his wife from the book club, Daxon, their youngest, is a kindergartener with Heather, we have babysat him a few times. They are from Colorado too. He will make a good Bishop. Brother Davis was only our Bishop for 5 months before having to move to the middle east like so many others from our ward. Strange for him to be called, and then have to be released so soon – but there were reasons. Elizabeth just had surgery, so brother Maranto was needed at home for the last couple of months. Played piano in RS, then spent gospel doctrine walking around with Autumn, walking around outside of building, and inside. Back home, made pancakes and eggs for dinner on grany’s pig dishes. Our traditional Saturday morning pancakes have been moved to Sunday night pancakes lately.

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