Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Nov 4th
I have not been journaling like I should. Today is fast Sunday. Everyone seemed a little more emotional than usual, I think because we are losing our bishop. President Fronk is out of town with family putting a stone on his father’s grave. Karren gave the lesson in RS today, said VTing was the biggest RS organizations for her.

Last week was Halloween, Autumn went as a ladybug, James a Thomas the Train, and Heather as a unicorn. James was most excited about it this year, and got many compliments on his outfit. He and Heather raced to the doors and fought over who got to ring the “ding bell” I think the “ding bell” got rang several times before the door was answered. RuthAnn and James were over. They taught us how to make Hawaiian Haystack for dinner – rice with chicken in a cream sauce and celerery, topped with pineapple, mushrooms, green onions, and pineapple. Pretty good! Institute on Wed – OT, the PT conference at school Mrs. Welch seems to really like Heather. Went to Mercer for a short time, Autumn became really fussy, got a fever, went home, she slept, then was ok. Thursday we went shopping, almost forgot Heather got out early, was late in picking her up – felt really bad. There were only a few kids still waiting on the front when we got there. Friday Heather was out early too, Doug took the van, rode bikes back and forth to school. Nice weather out. Heather got her report card, with really good grades. We went to Chucky Cheese to celebrate. Spent all day Saturday making Heather a poodle skirt for her 50’s day. Also worked on Christmas presents.

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