Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Home Evening activity – tonight we played a really fun game that Heather put together for us – grab a bunch of stuff out of the junk drawer, get a cookie sheet, a pillow, a bowel, and a dishrag. Everyone takes turns grabbing ~10 items out of the junk-drawer collection, and arranging them on the cookie sheet behind their pillow. Everyone else then gets to see the cookie sheet for only a moment (onethousand one). Then the arranger changes one of the items – takes one item away, or adds one item to the cookie sheet in secret – once again showing the sheet to everyone. Everyone guesses what has been moved/added/changed – and you get to see who has the best photographic memory (in our case, Doug, by far).

Activity #2 – James has been wanting to play in the fall leaves for a while now, so we went outside at sunset, and were able to scrape enough together to get a good pile – the kids all put on their rubber boots, I blew leaves at them with the leaf blower – and they raked them into piles (and a “bird nest”) then we all had a big leaf fight – and had to have a bath (leaf fights are pretty dirty things) then stories… yea, it was pretty late by the time we finally made it to bed tonight : )

3 little birds in a nest:

3 little birds – copyright 2011 Jamie Turner

1 little seed grows up to the sky, into

1 big tree as the years fly by.


2 blue birds sing a song together, in

1 big tree with a nest of feathers.


3 little eggs so perfect and round, make

2 birds sing with wonderful sounds in

1 big tree reaching high off the ground


4 grey clouds float in the sky

3 baby chicks begin to cry

2 tired birds open up their eyes

1 hopeful tree is feeling dry.


5 green leaves wax and wane

4 grey clouds begin to rain

3 baby chicks whine and complain

2 patient birds try to explain

1 big tree is happy again


6 muddy splashes from 6 little feet

5 green leaves have fallen in the sleet

4 grey clouds puffed up with conceit

3 baby hatchlings merrily tweet

2 blue birds look for something to eat

1 big tree escapes the heat


7 rays of sunshine light, on

6 cold feet of water sprites

5 brown leaves gave up the fight

4 grey clouds are turning white

3 small chicks enjoy the sight of

2 blue birds that dance in flight

1 big tree drinks with delight


8 prismatic bugs are hiding

7 rays of sun still shining

6 excited feet are stumbling

5 brown leaves are quickly crumbling

4 white fluffy clouds are floating

3 young birds are quickly growing

2 old birds are reminiscing

1 big tree a sentry standing


9 stars shine to make a compass

8 bugs sleep in silent darkness


7 hours of complete solace

6 feet rest throughout the solstice


5 gusts of wind the leaves obey

4 quick months have slipped away

3 baby chicks are now blue jays


2 blue birds give heaven praise

1 big tree glows all ablaze


10 wings fly in autumn air, (atmosphere, sky, heaven, )

goodbye little tree! See you next year! (still working on this last one)

My visit-teaching companion is a writer - she's helping me out with some of the stuff I have written. Just a hobby, but it is fun. Heather had the idea for a "book club" where instead of reading books together, you make books together - I'll have to post some of her books, she's made some pretty neat ones.

Speaking of books, James has to read every night for HW - Autumn enjoys picking out the book, and making James read to her.
Bag I made for granny - from what I saw at the relief societies' enrichment last week.

Decorating gluten-free cup cakes.

Doug does not cook too often - had to get it on film! They were yummy hamburgers!

Doug's project getting closer to completion.
it's pretty neat - he cut them all out and carved them himself.

Autumn's artwork - she's in a little art class on Mondays. The first class they learned about primary colors, next class was mixing colors (mixing frosting - very exciting) and seeing red+yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, blue + yellow = green and red+blue+yellow = brown)
some of her art:

Heather did the below one - just goofing around, but I like it. She is learning how to draw pretty well, checks out all these art books at the library, and goes through them practicing - her class voted her the best artist last year, and I think she has incorporated that into how she sees/identifies herself.
Joy school art - Autumn
Art-class art - Autumn - Hungry caterpillar.
Fun with friends at the children museum!

Fire in the greenbelt! It's so dry, this one took out a good chunk of greenbelt trees :(... we think it's kids starting these fires - it will be pretty in the spring though, with all the dead stuff burned away, and nothing but new green.

some of our neighbors - the one with the white dog (Jackson) recently learned she has leukemia - luckily they caught it in the really early stages. She's often out in the morning while all the kids are walking to school, she knows all the kids by name and keeps track of everyone. All our neighbors are commonly out on the greenbelt for walks, it's nice to be in a small-town type place where people know one another.
Sam (the blue shirt) are right across the street from us - they put on the best Christmas decorations, the kids look out the window at their yard, and we feel like we're at santa's workshop. They have made a career out of their yard sense they retired - it's botanical gardens going on over there - they're always out front with their little barking dog named "Barkley" working on the yard with various other neighbors sitting on their lawn talking.
Roland in the white hat - the house to the right of us - a really really nice guy, always out with his camera taking pictures of the flowers and trees and stuff. He is a retired history professor from Carnegie Mellon - specialized in the Civil War.